The Joint Venture of PRIME group wins the auction to invest in the Community Waste to Fuel Project in Phatthalung

        Bangkok – Mr. Somprasong Panjalak, Chairman of the Board of Directors. and Chief Executive Officer and; Mr. Piroon Shinawatra, Chief Financial Officer, Prime Road Power Public Company Limited revealed that the Joint Venture Prime Waste Management, which is a joint venture of PRIME Group together with a partner company has participated in the bidding the Community Waste to Fuel Project in Phatthalung and has been selected as the winning bidder. After this the PRIME’s JV will invest in the Project construction and manage the waste disposal system at the waste disposal center Phatthalung Municipality by managing solid waste with mixed technology. In addition, the PRIME’s JV will use the method of separating solid waste into fuel (RDF), recycling, sorting organic waste to be fermented as soil amendments and landfills as necessary by using appropriate specialized technology, and managing old waste that remains in landfills (Landfill Waste Management). Furthermore, the PRIME’s JV will manage the new waste that is transported to the landfill each day to be exhausted (Zero Waste Management) and Hazardous Waste Management. We will able to efficiently manage solid waste and accommodate the amount of waste entering the system of approximately 150 – 300 tons per day.

        Mr. Somprasong Panjalak explained that “PRIME is proud to win this bid since PRIME is a leading company in renewable energy business which is clean energy, and has a track record in developing and operating power plants that are internationally recognized. PRIME is very pleased to be part of the solution for the management of solid waste and hazardous waste by supporting the conversion of municipal solid waste and landfill waste into energy fuel (RDF) for commercial use of energy to achieve sustainability and promote the use of alternative energy.”

        Mr. Piroon Shinawatra added that this is a significant 25-year project. With an estimated investment of 100 million baht, the project will be operated under a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) concession model. Furthermore, it is the beginning of the company’s determination to continue operating waste-to-energy power plants in the coming years.

        The complex global issue of waste management, particularly the environmental impact of residual waste, presents numerous challenges. Despite efforts to recycle and minimize waste at the source, a majority still ends up in landfills. This not only requires substantial space, but also raises concerns about environmental sustainability.

        Waste-to-energy power plants offer a forward-thinking solution. These facilities use advanced methods to convert waste into usable energy, presenting a two-fold advantage. Firstly, they significantly reduce the need for large landfills, and secondly, they generate sustainable energy that can power various industries. This innovative approach to waste management aligns with PRIME’s strategic vision for a more sustainable future.

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