Company Profile

Prime Road Power Public Company Limited

          Our company is the leading renewable energy developer in Thailand. We have focused our investments in renewable energy projects in the Asia-Pacific region.

          The renewable energy is a clean and environmental-friendly energy. We aim at becoming the forerunner in the energy business by utilizing innovation and advanced technology for the sustainable development of our society and environment. Moreover, we look forward to generating long-term return and fair income for investors and stakeholders.

          We plan to invest in various renewable energy businesses such as solar power plants. wind power plant, Biogas Power Plant, Biomass Power Plant, Waste-to-Energy Power Plant and other projects that are natural energy by a combination of modern technology that does not affect a community as well as environment, which can be achieved through business acquisitions and/or develop new projects both domestically and internationally especially in Asia-Pacific countries. However, our pursuit to seek investment opportunities overseas is in accordance with the investment promotion policy for foreign investors of the government in each country. We see the opportunity to develop business and expand the foundation of green energy to cover every area around the world.