Consolidation Manager

Consolidation Manager
Audit Background

Job purpose

  • Being part of Consolidation and Technical accounting team, focusing on Financial Reporting Guideline preparation and also responsible for group consolidation including preparation of monthly, quarterly financial information based on TFRS and IFRS
  • To develop PRIEM group accounting team and relevant parties by advising or providing accounting training and sharing accounting knowledge
  • To maintain the Group’s Chart of Accounts and provide suggestions on reporting tools to ensure financial information of company within PRIEM group is properly reported and consistent with the Group’s Financial Reporting Guidelines


Job Responsibilities

  • Review monthly reporting packages provided by local and foreign subsidiaries to ensure accurate Group reporting. Identify any unusual items, trends, etc. and work with local and foreign Accounting & Finance teams to ensure data accuracy
  • Prepare monthly journal entries for consolidation purpose; prepare ad hoc consolidated balance sheet analysis as required
  • Review footnote disclosure and schedules submitted by local and foreign subsidiaries quarterly including prepare related disclosures and supporting detail schedules for annual and quarterly consolidated financial statements
  • Collaborate and support external auditors in quarterly reviews and annual audits
  • Draft or update Financial Reporting Guidelines following the group accounting policies to ensure accounting practice alignment within group
  • Serve as a technical resource for group accounting team, respond to accounting issues and provide consultations upon requests mainly based on TFRS and IFRS
  • Maintain the Group’s Chart of Accounts, advise on accounting topics relating to SAP and liaise with the Group Business Process Improvement (CBI) for creating the new GL accounts
  • Being part in providing internal accounting training and sharing accounting knowledge to group accounting team
  • Keep updating on TFRS and IFRS to be able to identify any potential impact of new or revised accounting standards and their impacts on PRIEM group


Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting
  • Minimum 5 years of experience working in accounting and financial reporting with audit background
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification is preferable
  • Strong accounting knowledge especially for cost accounting, TFRS and IFRS
  • Demonstrate ability to priorities and manage multiple assignments to meet deadlines with efficiency and accuracy
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills with attention to detail, communications skills, and the ability to work well as a team
  • Able to work independently and effectively in a rapidly scaling and dynamic environment
  • Good general business skills and able to work with other departments across the organization
  • Strong English skills

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