Business Development (International)

Job Descriptions:

  • To ensure accomplishment of business development of corporate functions and subsidiaries in consistent with the company’s business direction in order to support current business operations.
  • To control and manage overall portfolio of the company in order to maximize corporate interests and ensure corporate sustainability.
  • Develop policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines for business development to ensure standardization for business development work.
  • Develop business development plan related to corporate functions and subsidiaries and ensure that such business development plans are in line with the company business direction.
  • Manage and execute business development projects related to corporate and subsidiaries to ensure accomplishment of such business development projects.
  • Ensure effectiveness of all corporate business development activities from opportunity seeking, feasibility studies and project execution to create and maintain enterprise’s value.
  • Control and monitor business development plan formation and implementation to ensure alignment with policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines as well as corporate plan and strategy under specified target and timeline.
  • Develop business model, perform investment decision analysis, and supervise overall portfolio of the company both domestic and international to ensure alignment with corporate strategy.
  • Manage partnership activities from identifying and negotiating with potential business partners to maximize corporate benefit from new projects.



  • Master/Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Engineering, Business Administration or other related fields.
  • 3-10 years working experience in business development or strategic planning.
  • Age 35 – 45 years’ old and minimum of 5 – 10 years in project development.
  • Good personality / Service mind – Logical approach to problem solving.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Possess of strong sense of urgency and quality assurance.
  • English language skills excellent.

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