Start the first 5 MW solar power plant on the ground project in Trang

          On January 9, 2019, Mr. Paiboon Oam, Deputy Governor of Trang, Who is president of ceremony and Mr. Somprasong Panjalak, Chairman of Smart Solar Power Company Limited, As a sponsor of the installed solar power plant on the ground project, Who is Participating in the opening of the Solar Power Plant in Huai Yot District, Trang, AMC Trung Co., Ltd that has been selected for the solar power plant project and installed on the ground for government agencies and agricultural cooperatives in 2017. This Project is one of 38 projects from a total 639 people in Thailand, Who had proposed the project owner by being selected by lottery method. By AMC Trung Co., Ltd. has been selected as the first order to start the construction of 5MW solar power plant in June 2018 and started to supply electricity to the commercial system (COD)

          This project is the first solar power plant in Trang, That the cleanest energy and also improves the stability of the power system for the community and also savings for fuel imports from neighboring countries. This power plant is also a technology learning center for those interested. This power plant generates revenue for the cooperative which comes from the revenue sharing from the sale of electricity to the Provincial Electricity Authority. At the rate of purchasing electricity at 4.12 baht per unit throughout the contract period of 25 years, the revenue sharing by cooperatives has been used to create benefits to the community and cooperative members both in the form of funds and taxation for local and educational support. Smart Solar Power Co., Ltd. has cooperated and supported various activities in the area of the power plant and also employment supports for people in the community.

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