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We align our goal with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). We always organize Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects and Human Resource Development (HRD) programs as we value the growth of our business as much as the growth of our people. In addition, we love to create synergy with other organization. Please feel free to contact us to explore a win-win partnership opportunity together. 

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Prime Road Power is a SET-listed renewable energy company. We have focused on solar energy investment across the Asia Pacific region. Currently, our solar power plant’s installed capacity is 287 MW from projects in Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, and Cambodia. As of 2019 year end, our total revenue is 658 Million Baht with 40% net profit margin. As of Q1/2020, our total asset is 5,519 Million Baht, and D/E ratio is 1.18. 

Watt of Solar PV Installations
Houses can be Powered by our Solar PV

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Business News​

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